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Lisan Finance is a leader in CFO Services for fast-growing companies financed by Venture Capital or Capital Development firms. Our offices in Paris, New-York and San Francisco provide financial management, mission-critical and strategic support to startups and investors at the most important moments in a company’s life in France and in the USA.

At every stage

Lisan Finance can set up or support your financial and administrative organization.

We will help you create the best financial team or reshape it, as well as defining or upgrading processes. After running a detailed analysis, we will propose new pratices and will take care of the implementation.


Our solutions are based on international financial standards (US GAAP/ IFRS) and rely on more than 15 years of experience from best businesses and financial practises.


Our tools enable you to generate automatically a clear and reliable reporting (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash flow, for actuals and forecast)


Easily add departments, business units, new subsidiaries into consolidated accounts for a clear and complete vision of your activity.

Les bénéfices :

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Structuration du pilotage financier

  • Définition du format de reporting, des tableaux de bord et indicateurs clés
  • Structuration des outils de prévision: business plan et cash flow mensuels

Mise en place / amélioration de l'administration des ventes

Mise en place / amélioration du process de tenue comptable (cabinet d'expertise ou internalisé)

Mise en place de procédures de contrôle: engagements de dépenses / achats, facturation, absneces, mouvements de personnel, notes de frais...

Séminaire de formation financière pour dirigeants de sociétés en forte croissance

We bring, on-demand or part time CFO services depending on your needs.

Budget and financial controlling:

We prepare your financial reporting on a monthly basis, and help you analyze it and update your business and financial forecast.

Acting CFO and controlling on demand:

We support your team as an additional external resource, on a short or long term basis, for all kind of financial controlling missions (see examples below).

Acting CFO part time: :

You don’t have the budget or the need for a full time CFO but you need an expert able to address your growth and organization issues? We assume the responsibility of acting CFO for your company based on your needs.

Les bénéfices :

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Conseil sur le communication financière aux tiers

Mise en place de nouveaux process

Recherche de nouveaux financements

Montage du dossier de Crédit d'Impôt Recherche

Support au développement international

Support à terme sur exit ou IPO

Fundraising, capital reorganization, debt restructuring, exit, acquisition: Lisan Finance assits you in the preparation and execution of the operation.

Preparation of your operation beforehand

Flash diagnostic pre- operation:

We realize a complete review of your administrative and financial situation to identify the risks for the transaction to be able to adress potential issues beforehand.

US GAAP/IRS conversion:

We prepare the financial data that will be sent to the buyer and advisors, so that they are comprehensible economically to the buyer and fully traceable for auditors.

Business plan:

We implement your business inputs (economic model, expenses, investments..) in a business plan according to best practices. Based on your drivers and the monthly integrated finance tools , this financial business plan will become your forecasting tool as well as a support for discussions with investors.

Document preparation: :

We organize all the items that will be sent to the buyers or potential investors: execuivie summary, slides, business plan.

Transaction services

Due Diligence:

We run due diligences for the buyer or investor including a review of financials, legal, accounting and organization of the target.


We bring support to provide the documentation and support in negotiations, such as explanations of legal / financial impacts of the SPA or definition of the guarantee on assets and liabilities.

Cap Table:

We run the simulations (cap table, allocation of proceeds) to compare the offers and anticpiate the outcome.

M&A support:

We help your team answer auditors’ and buyers questions in due time.

In the USA, we support our clients from inception, by registering the company and setting up all administration and accounting services:


  • Incorporation + qualification to do business wherever needed
  • Registration with Federal administration and local states


  • Setup charts of accounts
  • Setup accounting folder and software
  • Open bank account
  • Determine company status and requirements regarding sales taxes
  • Setup intercompany agreement
  • Setup basic accounting and controlling processes


  • Set up payroll company and benefits (health insurance, 401k, etc)
  • Support on employees onboarding
  • Define HR policies (time off, travel, etc)

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